A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’81 BMW R100RT

Back around this time I was traveling around the western USA either on a Kawasaki H2 or my new Honda CB750F. My traveling partner, Bud Bay, was riding his earlier generation CB750F. Over the years we put thousands of miles under our butt’s, wore through I don’t know how many sets of tires and still have a lifetime of stories to tell. One thing about Bud, he loved taking photo’s…lot’s of them. Bud would stage ride by’s, the perfect back drop, he would even tell me which way to look going around the corner so he could see my face. I truly believe that if we didn’t spend so much time taking pictures, we would have put a few thousand more miles on those bikes.

In 1981, Bud and I planned a trip to visit a friend in Canada. It was going to be one of those trips that you actually didn’t ‘plan’, you just went. We knew where we going to end up and when, but how we got there was going to be a daily surprise…my favorite kind of trip. However there was one unexpected surprise on this trip.

I rode up Bud’s driveway on a perfect Saturday morning and there he was sitting on the front porch, coffee in hand and a sh*t eating grin on his face. First thought in my mind…I didn’t have one. As I took off my helmet, he walked over to the garage door, lifted it up and sitting there waiting to go to Canada was a new BMW R100RT. The sneaky SOB had gotten it a couple of weeks before the trip so he could put some miles on it, change the oil and be ready for some traveling.

I found this ’81 R100RT on ebay this morning and all those memories came back in an instant. Bud’s RT was the green version and yeah the color wasn’t all that popular but as we rode for the next two weeks I came to really like it. This particular bike doesn’t really have all that many miles considering it’s age, it’s in beautiful condition, has a couple of good upgrades, such as the Reynolds ‘Ride Off Stand’ and Koni shocks. All in all, this is a great motorcycle if you’re looking for a classic traveling bike. Click on the pic’s for more about this BMW.

And by the way, my friend Bud still has that BMW and because of him, I too own a BMW. Where did I go wrong???

’81 BMW R100RT


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