A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Build your own

Do you need some non motorized nostalgia in your life? Would a pallet of bricks look good in your driveway? How about some real Americana straight out of Milwaukee? More importantly…would your wife let you stack a pallet of bricks from a legendary American motorcycle manufacturer in your driveway? If the answer is yes to all those questions, I have what you need??!!

Yes boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, here is something for all of you that live and breathe the ‘Bar and Shield’, the ‘Black and Orange’, can buy that that is a true stone…or a pallet of them.

Let’s say you want to build a special corral for your American V-Twin and touching up the walls with copies of old posters and metal logo’s isn’t quite enough? What else can you do? What do you think about building the walls made of bricks from the factory in Milwaukee? And the bricks are from, let’s say…1918?! Now I’ve got you thinking.

There is a gentleman on ebay selling off a pallet of bricks, about 500 of them, from a famous American motorcycle manufacturer who doesn’t want to be named, uh…how many motorcycle manufacturers are in Milwaukee? Anyway…I got to thinking (scary thought), 500 vintage bricks wouldn’t build a motorcycle shop, it might build a nice wall in a motorcycle shop for all those poster’s of the great KR750 or Jay Springsteen on the legendary XR750 you have but, you know what???…not enough.

Indianapolis has it’s ‘Brickyard’, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You should have your own ‘Brickyard’. Rip out a part of your driveway or garage floor, replace it with these cool bricks from ‘The Motor Company’s’ old factory and your wife will quit wondering why you spend all your free time with your Electra Glide instead of the lawn mower.

The seller guarantees that they are from who he says they are and has the paper trail to prove it. Click on the pics for an interesting story. And, check out pic #3…validation?

Build your own


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