A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’83 Kawasaki GPz1100

Big and fast. That’s pretty much it when it comes to the big GPz.

Back in ’83 I worked for a Kawasaki dealership and was given a GPz1100 demo bike to ride for a month, they didn’t like the fact that I rode a Honda to work everyday. Now, I had ridden fast motorcycles, my old H2 was fast, I spent time on a friends Z1 that was really fast and I put many miles on the 1000cc BMW R100RS. None of those bikes prepared me for the GPz1100.

I got the motorcycle brand new and under dire threats from the service manager as well as the dealership owner, I did follow proper break in procedure…uh, yeah…kinda. I got the GPz on Saturday and when I returned to work on Tuesday the bike was a little past the first service mileage, like about 300 miles past. I was not the most popular employee that day. I couldn’t help it, I loved riding that motorcycle. I did treat it somewhat kindly that weekend but when you have that much horsepower at the command of your right wrist, well…things happen, and they happen FAST.

The GPz1100 was amazingly smooth, handled surprisingly well for a bike of it’s heft and was really quite comfortable. I ended up keeping the bike for about three months and during that time we added a few accessories here and there to help our accessory business. I didn’t care so much about the business aspect, I just wanted more out of the bike. All in all, I loved the GPz1100.

I found this one on ebay today and it looks like it could use a little love. But a little love on this bike will give you big returns in big ways. One warning here though, new superbikes may be fast but nothing today comes on the power like the superbikes of the eighties. Hang on baby.

83 Kawasaki GPZ1100


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