A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Harley Davidson Sportster

At seventeen years old, hormones are running pretty wild and being a motorcycle racer doesn’t do anything to help keep those hormones in check. Driving driving a 1963 Ford Falcon with a 170 ci six cylinder motor however, brings one down to earth rather quickly. But, the Falcon does make a good vehicle for taking a pretty girl on a drive in movie date.

Movie choices. When taking a girl on a first date to the drive in, a seventeen year old’s brain is a little south of where it might normally be…ok, not really, it’s always south of there…and again, being a motorcycle racer is an added disadvantage, damn. The movie of the night was ‘Easy Rider’…my choice, unfortunately the wrong choice. First and last date. I think that was when I decided I would never ride a Harley.

So today, cruising ebay I had a major flashback…a somewhat stretched out Harley Sportster…too bad Susan didn’t like motorcycles. This Sporty has less than 10,000 miles, supposedly doesn’t leak oil or smoke…it can’t possibly an AMF Harley. This Harley has a the requisite King and Queen seat of the era, some slightly stretched forks and a custom paint job that was perfect for later on. Here’s my feeling about this bike, I think it’s going to sell for a reasonable price and then take whatever money you have left, get some better forks, a custom seat and make this a cool cafe bike. And don’t forget to upgrade the brakes…those front’s won’t stop you at a walking pace. This is a good project bike…unless you’re still sporting a mullet. click on the pics for more info.

’71 Harley Davidson Sportster


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