A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’66 Bultaco Matador

Sometimes, some people go a bit overboard with their restorations and I think this may be one of them. This bike is almost too pretty to ride. On the other hand…the Matador was a bike built to get dirty. Take all this guys work then cover it with dirt, sand, mud, bugs and you will have a proper enduro bike. A Matador is a motorcycle that you ride anywhere in the world then come home and tell all the great stories of adventures on your Bultaco.

A Bultaco motorcycle, any Bultaco, draws attention no matter where you go. Vintage motocross with a Pursang (especially the early square fendered models), a Sunday ride on a Metralla, pretending you’re Sammy Miller on a trials course riding a Sherpa, a desert race on an El Bandido (actually a really crappy desert racer…good on a fire road, lousy in the sand washes) or an enduro on your Matador, everybody love’s Bultaco’s. If you’re one of the lucky ones that got a black and gold Streaker, you have a black and ‘gold mine’ in your garage.

As I have written before, I started a forty year racing life on a ’66 Matador so I have a soft spot in my heart for this motorcycle. I found this one on ebay today and I started thinking about my old Matador. My Bultaco started life pretty much like this one but by time I got it, a few things had been changed. It was still street legal; stock exhaust , head and tail lights, speedo…but replacement front fender, levers, handlebars and a bit scuffed up (my step dad wasn’t all that good of an off-road rider…however,he did get better?).

Like I said before, some restorations are a bit much. I like this Matador but I have a few questions. The cylinder head is the first one…not stock, and if you look at it, it doesn’t even look functional? Second, the air filter is way incorrect, I’m not sure about the pieces of sheet metal zip tied to the frame, and where is the tool box that is original on the right side of the frame? The engine is over polished and…wait, I need to stop here. The Matador is a great bike and this owner has done some really good work. If you’re looking for a great vintage trail/enduro bike that will be fun to ride and an attention getter, this could find a happy home in your garage and on your favorite trail. Click on the pics for more info.

’66 Bultaco Matador


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