A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Vintage Cast Harley Davidson model

I have never been much into collectibles but I have a few friends that are. My good friend and racing partner Craig, has over the years, spent enough money on motorcycle models to finance at least a couple years of racing. I always thought his priority’s were a little off, but…maybe I’m a bit wrong. For some strange reason I am becoming more interested in these old cast and tin motorcycles.

I took a moment while writing this to look around my home and to my surprise I found that I too have a few little motorcycle toys. The first was a gift from a former girlfriend who never liked motorcycles until she met me…after a while though, she realized that she liked pudding pot helmets, chaps, and riding slow more than a full face helmet, padded clothing and riding fast. Ah well.

I found this cool little cast model today and for someone into old toys this is really neat. It’s from the 1930’s in nice condition and would look good on anybody’s shelf or desk. Personally, I would put it on my desk. From what I have researched it’s going for a pretty fair price considering age and condition. As an investment, well…these cast models are gaining value a lot better than BP oil stocks. Click on the pic’s for a bit more info and more pictures.

Don’t you think your desk would look good with this old Harley and sidecar as a paperweight?? Mine might.

vintage cast Harley model


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