A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’67 Suzuki T200 Cafe Racer

I love Cafe Racer’s and the people that build them. This guy built this T200 for his wife, but I’ll bet he rides it more than she does. Why do I think that??…because small fast bikes are just way too much fun to ride.

I can see it now…husband secretly builds special motorcycle for his wife’s birthday, he spends big time AND big money on this very special birthday present. He’s thinking how good the ‘Husband of the Year’ trophy is going to look in the bedroom . He had the frame braced (for her safety), had the engine gone through by Scott Clough Racing (so hubby knew the bike wouldn’t die somewhere on the road and leave the little woman stranded), lightened it up by drilling holes all over the place (wifey is a petite little gal and the lighter you can make the bike the easier it is for her to ride…oh, and those holes look cool too…), throw on a Bultaco tank and seat for a very high cool factor then lastly add a few parts from a Hayabusa, an RC51 Honda, some body work and you have an almost perfect Cafe Racer.

The day arrives. Hubby walks the birthday girl out to the garage to see his wonderful gift to her. Up goes the garage door and jaws drop. Her’s because she was expecting a new car, you know, like in those TV commercials…his, because he’s still amazed at his work. Wife, “Wow honey, I love it!!?? I can hardly wait to ride it”. Husband, “you know what, I need to do one more jetting check on it, let me take it out quickly and make sure everything is perfect for you”.

Six hours and a couple of tanks of gas later the jetting check is done. So is birthday dinner. Now the bike is up for sale.

Ok, that was a fun little story and probably not even remotely close to the real story why the motorcycle is on the selling block. But here’s the deal, this is a very cool motorcycle built really well and somebody is going to have a great time on it. Price is almost reasonable considering how much work has gone into it. Click on the pics for more info and probably the real story….

Side note here, Scott Clough is one the great two stoke tuners anywhere. Between his own racing history and those that he has built for, a Scott Clough motor is as good as you can get.

’67 Suzuki Cafe Racer


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