A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’75 Honda Gold Wing

My neighbor Ray is moving and clearing out the garage. Buried deep in amongst table saws, chop saws, compressors and who knows what else, is this first generation Honda Gold Wing. Ray can’t ride anymore due to a stroke. The motorcycle has been sitting for years. Dead battery, flat tires, gummed up carbs, etc, etc….just what you would expect. However, the bike was fully serviced before it was parked by a very reputable mechanic, so I would imagine that all the settings; valves, carbs, timing are spot on.

This Gold Wing has been set up for touring, as most were. Honda took note and instead of thinking they were making a superbike, realized that touring was where ‘The Wing’ was destined. The front fairing is not a Vetter nor a Wixom and the owner doesn’t remember the brand either, but it’s pretty nice. The saddlebags I think are Buco? The tail trunk is the unique part of this bike. It was originally designed to hold a pull out tent, well…the tent is long gone but the trunk is still pretty cool…uh, maybe. The seat is kind of standard for the era…if you like ‘Diamond Tuck’ upholstery but, the back rest is adjustable for either the passenger or the rider.

All in all, if you’re looking for a first generation ‘Wing’ this is a good one. If you don’t like the touring stuff, take it off and ebay it. Or…attach a sidecar to it, or…after you’ve taken off and sold the touring stuff, use the money and make it into a way cool cafe racer.

This is not an ebay bike, I’m just helping a friend and I don’t need a Gold Wing in my garage. The motorcycle is overall, in really good condition. Paint is nice, accessories are good. You will need a new battery, tires and have the carbs gone through. I believe that after that relatively small amount of work, you will have a very clean and very fun to ride first generation Gold Wing.

As for the price, well, here’s Ray’s comment…” I just want it out of my garage”. He’s not quite that easy so if you’re thinking you can just drive up with a trailer and slide away with a Gold Wing, think again. If you have more questions, send me an e-mail…paul@themotoworld.com


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