A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Honda Hawk

Are you looking for a motorcycle that is fun to ride, light, and easy handling? A motorcycle with all the mod’s that you would do but don’t have the time to. A high giggle factor ride that all you have to do is top off the gas tank and head off to your favorite twisty road? On top of all that, it’s got to look cool. There is no such thing. Wrong…Hawk Breath…I have a friend that has exactly what you want.

One of the great Sporting bikes of all time had, unfortunately, a short life here in the US. The Honda NT650, commonly known as the Honda Hawk GT. The 647cc Hawk GT of the late eighties was a motorcycle designed by Honda as an ‘every mans’ motorcycle; commute, travel (it carried on for years in Europe as the ‘Deauville’), or race. A perfect size for riders of smaller stature and not too cramped for those of us over 6 feet tall. Reliable and easy to work with and on. The Hawk rates as one of the great motorcycles of all time…if you’re one of those riders that love blowing past litre size bikes on a twisty road, you couldn’t build a better motorcycle than this Hawk.

My friend has put every mod that you would want into his Hawk GT; fork mods, Fox shock, clip on’s and a lot more. So, why is he selling it??? Good question. Actually…I know why…he’s doing the same sort of work onto a BMW R75/5

If you have questions about the bike send me an email and I’ll put you in touch with my friend. I already have a Hawk so, as much as I would like to add this bike to my stable, the barn is a bit too crowded here at home (according to my wife). Small bike, big fun (when did 650cc become small ???) for a small price.

More pics and info is at www.choicevintageguitar.com


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