A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’66 Cushman Super Silver Eagle

If you were going to build a mini Harley Davidson what would it look like? How about an early ’60’s Cushman Scooter?!
Twist and go. Cushman Scooters were and are the Harley Davidson’s of the Scooter world. When I was a kid, our neighbor had Cushman, it looked like something straight out of the Jetson’s cartoon show.
I didn’t think much of it at the time but he rode it everywhere and always with a big grin on his face. Fifty years later I could easily see myself on that Cushman with that same big grin.

Cushman started building scooters back in 1936. The US military used Cushmans throughout WW2 and Sears sold a ton of them under their Allstate brand for years. Cushman stopped scooter production in 1965 and the remaining stock was sold as 1966 models.

Cushman didn’t go away. If you have an attachment to your nine iron or three wood you’re also attached to a Cushman, in the guise of an EZ-GO golf cart. The scooters and the company just keep going. There are so many resources for Cushman owners or wanna be owners out there. There is the Cushman Club Of America www.ccoa.com and one guy who is way into Cushmans as well as old Ford’s…go figure. Check out his stuff at www.dennis-carpenter.com

I found this really cool Cushman that…maybe, could replace my Honda Super Cub??!! There are some interesting features of the Cushman…you roll the throttle forward, opposite of a ‘normal’ motorbike, but it makes sense in a weird sort of way..? and it’s clutchless…how easy is this to ride? And how much trouble can 9HP get you into??

Cushman scooter


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