A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 BMW R90/6

There is no such thing as a 1972 R90/6…that’s OK, this is a Cafe Racer!! They’re meant to be customs and this is one very clean Cafe Racer. Here’s the story, some guy bought this 1972 BMW that had been sitting for twenty years and the motor was locked up. He took the motorcycle all the way down to the bare frame, refreshed everything, stuffed a ’78 R90/6 motor in it, built a custom tail section and turned it into a very cool Cafe Racer. Now it’s ready to ride.

I have seen many a BMW turned into a Cafe Racer, BMW did it themselves when they brought out the R90S model. Besides being a great bike it was also the first AMA Superbike champion.

A couple of years ago I finally drank the BMW Kool Aid. I too found a BMW that had been sitting for years and couldn’t help myself. I didn’t have to do too much to make the R90S roadworthy. Clean the carbs, change all the fluids, a new battery, some new tires and off I went. At the end of a 2000 plus mile road trip, I understood.

Cafe Racer people are a a unique breed. I don’t see them as all that much different than the ‘chopper’ crowd. Take a bike, strip it down to the basics and turn it into what you want it to be. Customization comes in many forms and this man turned an old BMW into a very cool bike. Good thing he didn’t want to turn it into a chopper or cruiser. Wait..BMW did that too. I like the R90S better. Click on the pics for more pics, but you have to call the guy for more info. Could be well worth it.

’72 BMW R90/6


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