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’73 BMW R75/5 Cafe

I’ve got BMW on the brain of late. I’m getting mine ready for a road trip, there have been a couple of very cool BMW’s at our local bike night and I spent the Fourth of July watching fireworks with some of my BMW riding friends. Maybe that’s why we had bratwurst and sauerkraut on the BBQ??

So, I just couldn’t help myself when I found this nice /5 on ebay this morning. The owner describes it as a cafe racer but in the truest sense of the term, it’s not…close, but not quite pure cafe. I would describe this as more of a classic Euro style GT. It hasn’t been stripped down…instead of clipons it’s got nice, low, but comfy handlebars, full fenders and the really cool original toaster tank. It does have a very cool cafe style Corbin seat, which after riding with one on a couple of different motorcycles, I can attest to their comfort. The non stock mufflers have a bit of a Dunstall look to them and in my auditory imagination probably sound wonderful.

The motorcycle has just shy of 55,000 miles on it which, by BMW standards, is just barely broken in. Yeah, it’s wearing it’s age, a nick here, a scratch there and maybe a little dent somewhere…but just like me, aging very gracefully???!! The owner gives it a 7 out 10 score. Here at home I only get a 5 out of 10…maybe I need a cool Cafe seat. Wait that’s the problem, my seat has spent to much time in the cafe. Click on the pics for more pictures and details. And, by the way, this bike is a good deal.

’73 BMW R75/5 Cafe


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