A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 Suzuki GT750

It was the summer of 1972, I was on vacation from school and had the itch to ride my motorcycle somewhere far away. However, as an unemployed college student you really can’t go too far away, but I was working on it. As I was planning this great adventure, a friend called wondering if I had any plans for the afternoon and would going for a ride sound good. How tough a question is that? It took me all of about a nano second to say “let’s go”.

An hour later I’m still looking over maps when I hear a motorcycle horn squeak outside. Now, normally you would say a horn ‘honks’ but motorcycles of the time had horns that were about as powerful as bell on a bicycle. I looked out the window and there was my friend standing next to this BRIGHT purple motorcycle. A Suzuki GT750 ‘Water Buffalo’. Parked next to my Kawasaki H2 the GT looked really big…four exhaust pipes for three cylinders, a big radiator in front and, well, it just looked…big. But, so was the smile on his face.

We took off with no destination in mind just the desire to have fun. After about an hour or so we stopped for gas and traded bikes. I have to admit here that I spent that hour figuring out how I could talk Stan into letting me ride his new Suzuki. It did take a bit (a lot) of coaxing to convince him that I wouldn’t hurt his new baby, but he did finally turn over the key to me. Ok, I did have buy the gas for both bikes…but it was well worth it.

The Kawasaki and the Suzuki were both three cylinder 750cc two strokes…that’s where the similarity ends. I was used to plain old raw two stroke horsepower in a wobbly chassis…the Suzuki was different. The Kawasaki rattled and shook, the Suzuki was smooth and quiet. The Kawi would scare the bejeebers out of you at 3500rpm while the Suzi would just motor along singing a happy tune. The GT750 is a great bike.

I found this pretty nice Suzuki Water Buffalo, also known as the ‘Kettle’, in other parts of the world on ebay today. It looks to be a very good value. Yeah it needs a good amount of TLC, (and a whole bunch of ‘Nevr Dull’), but the return will be well worth it. It’s not the right color but all the emblems are there. There are plenty of good resources out there for information and parts if you get this bike, one being the www.thekettleclub.com where you can find all the info you need. This is a good bike at what will probably be sold at a very good price. Oh and one last thing…the double leading shoe front brake is a bit weak for this motorcycle but for let’s say a Honda CB350 or 450 vintage roadracer…perfect!!

’72 Suzuki GT750


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