A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Triumph Tiger

It was 1968 when I first rode a big motorcycle, my step fathers Triumph 650. It was a beautiful motorcycle and had the most wonderful sound, a bit loud, but wonderful. It was a 1950’s something model that required as much maintenence time as riding time, actually the saying went, “ride it for one hour, work on it for two”. Michael loved that Triumph and didn’t mind spending those two hours working on it at all, as a matter of fact he considered time in the garage with his Triumph a far better investment than seeing a shrink. Looking back, I think he should have seen a shrink as well.

Over the years we had a number of Triumph’s; Tiger’s, Bonneville’s, Daytona’s, Trophy’s, and my favorite… a 750cc Weslake Bonneville painted a beautiful midnight blue metallic. We raced Triumph’s in the desert and on the road for years with some moderate successes here and there. Over forty years later, I still own a Triumph. I can’t imagine not owning one…must be in the blood.

What brought up those memories was this nice ’71 Tiger I found on ebay this morning. It’s a very nicely done semi cafe racer. The owner made a couple of changes, a chrome tank off a ’72 (I don’t remember a chrome tank ever on a Triumph, but he liked the style of the ’72 tank better), a custom seat (the seat looks good but it doesn’t look like it fits all that well) and the mufflers look like a pair that I got out of the JC Whitney catalog years ago (which isn’t a bad thing…). All in all it’s a really nice motorcycle that’s selling for a reasonable price. Click on the pic’s for more info.

’71 Triumph Tiger


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