A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’63 Vespa GS 160 Scooter

Do you need to up your cool factor? Are you looking for a better chick magnet than that old Harley of your’s? Or maybe just a really neat grocery getter. I found your new ride on ebay this morning. A real deal, nicely restored 1963 Vespa scooter. You couldn’t possibly have more fun. Old school scooters draw so much attention wherever you go, that it’s hard to get out of the parking lot without hearing comments about how cool or cute it is, somebody telling you stories about the one they had or better yet, the one their grandfather had.

Remember the movie Quadrophenia? The story about the conflict between the Mods and the Rockers in England. The Mods riding their fully customized scooters and the Rockers riding their, modified, motorcycles. Vespa vs Triumph. It was a great movie, made you want to ride a scooter, go rent it someday. Scooter clubs have been around for years all over the world. Rides, gatherings, helping out with restorations, and the camaraderie of fellow scooterite’s (if that’s a word?). In my local area there is a scooter club called ‘The Vesparado’s’. The gatherings are huge…scooter’s are cool.

This one today has been beautifully restored, has some cool features, like the whitewall tires, and it’s batteryless…no dead battery’s stranding you. Everything is as close to original as you can get. It’s not cheap, but if you’ve got the hot’s for a high giggle factor new ride…check it out. Click on the pics for more details.

’63 Vespa GS 160


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