A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’46 Harley Flathead

Slow and sweet. That can describe a lot of things, but today it’s a slow and sweet ride, a 1946 Harley Davidson.

It was a normal morning, staring at my computer screen, in my jammies, with a cup of tea in hand cruising ebay looking for cool old motorcycles. I never really know what I’m looking for. Is it something I want to buy for myself, (yeah, like I need another motorcycle in the barn…), is it a bike I think a friend might be interested in, or is it just a really cool motorcycle that I would like to learn more about. In the case of this 1946 Harley, the answer is ‘D…all of the above’.

If you look back in Harley Davidson’s history, over 100 years worth, there hasn’t been a whole lot of change. Now, before you Harley fans start telling me how wrong I am, think about this…the flathead engine was powering Harley Davidson’s from 1919 to 1973. Yes, 1973. Through World War 2, American and Canadian soldiers used the WL model as a the main two wheeled transportation through Europe, and remember the ‘Servi Car’…the meter maids, I mean parking enforcement officers, have been driving those (and you have been paying for them with your parking tickets) for generations… powered by that same flathead motor. And…The Motor Company was still racing them as late as 1969. It’s an amazing motor, simple, reliable and, it’s got a great history.

Back to cruising ebay. I found this really nice ’46 Harley that has been nicely preserved, restored and needs a new home. Very original, including Fred Flintstone brakes and the ‘kind of absorbs bumps’ springer front end, but check out the rear wheel stand. This is really one sweet ride…slow, but sweet.

And two more things here. One, don’t molest it… like making a chopper or a bobber out of it, leave it alone. Two, I’d like to know more about the HD sidecar rig in the background of picture number two. Click on the pics to see more of this nice ’46.

’46 Harley Flathead


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