A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’67 BSA

Are you one of those people with too much time on your hands? Is your tax adviser telling you that you need to spend some money? Is your ‘honey-do’ list getting longer by the day? Do you have a space in your garage that needs to be filled? Most importantly, do you have a set of Whitworth tools and know how to use them? If you answered yes to most of those question, I have a summer vacation (and maybe winter too) project for you.

I have an affinity for old British motorcycles. I have ridden and built a number of them; some for racing, some to ride on the street, some to sell, and one because I was snow bound and needed something to do. I always blame my step father for this illness, but he did teach me how to cut my own cork clutch plates, rebuild a sprung hub and gave me a set of Whitworth tools.

This morning I found this ’67 BSA 650 on ebay that is definitely a project. But, a project that could bring many rewards. And what would those rewards be you ask? Well, you would end up with a really cool motorcycle to ride, or when you’re done you could sell it for a profit (in reality, a loss, considering how much time you’ll put into it), but more than anything…it cuts down the ‘honey-do’ list…”Honey, I can’t fix the bathroom drain right now, I’m in the middle of splitting the cases on the BSA”… This is absolutely a ‘win/win’ deal. Click on the pics for more ways to get out of doing house projects.

’67 BSA


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