A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’69 Triumph Trophy

In 1981 I was living in Albuquerque, working in a radio station, raising a couple of kids and riding my motorcycles as much as I could, all in all not a bad life. New Mexico is a great for motorcycles, if you ride off road you could spend the rest of your life exploring and you probably won’t see it all and if you ride on the road you will never be bored…as long as you stay off the interstates. Southern New Mexico is year round riding, and northern is , well, let’s just say a shorter riding season. The riding community there is big. I made many friends on two wheels there, some I still met on rides years later.

While living in Albuquerque I bought a 1969 Triumph T100R from this little shop that repaired English motorcycles. Mechanically it was good, cosmetically it was pretty good…someone had rattle can painted it this really ugly brown. Regardless of how it looked, it was a blast to ride. I became good friends with the shop owner and even after I moved back to California we remained in contact for years until his passing. A few days before I moved, Jack showed up at my house with a 90% complete BSA B25 in the back of his truck. He rolled it out of the bed, pushed up the driveway and said “you owe me a beer now and a ride on it when I come visit”. I was dumbfounded. Later, friends told me I was just dumb for dragging that little bike back to California. I couldn’t resist.

After a year of work, I was riding that little BSA around having a blast. unfortunately, one day while working on it, you know the saying about British bikes, ‘ride it for one hour, work on it for two’ (it’s soooo true), I made the mistake of leaving my garage door open. While I was inside making a sandwich someone decided they liked my little BSA more than I did. I was heartbroken, they also stole my Kawasaki 750 which was my sole form of transportation.
So what has this all got to do with this Triumph I’m posting? The BSA and the Triumph are the same bike, just different badges.

Here are the things you need to know about the little BSA / Triumph singles; they’re slow, parts a little difficult to find (unless you know where to look), they are fairly reliable unless you push them (70MPH on the freeway is considered pushing it), they are easily customized into almost anything from off road to cafe racer and most importantly…they’re fun to ride!

This little Triumph I found on ebay this morning has potential. The owner is a little light on description…”999 miles, pretty much stock, great British bike, new battery, runs good”. From the pictures it looks to be in really pretty good condition. In it’s BSA guise this would be known as the ‘Street Scrambler’ model. Look at the pictures and you’ll see a small skid plate under the engine. It probably needs a good going through and over (these are so easy to work on), a little TLC and you’ll have a fun little around town scoot or, strip it down and go play in the dirt…the 250 will do either willingly. The ‘buy it now’ price is a bit steep but not too far out of line compared to some bikes I find. Click on the pics for, well, maybe one more pic…and the chance to put it in your garage. Just remember to close the door.

’69 Triumph Trophy


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