A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’80 BMW R100s Cafe

Last year I got myself a present, a beautiful BMW R90s, one of the original ‘factory’ cafe style bikes. I had lusted after that motorcycle since it first came out but at the time, the BMW’s price tag and my wallet were not the match made in heaven. Thirty three years later one of my dream bikes resides in my garage and, on my favorite roads. A few little upgrades have been done but essentially it’s still a stock bike. A few friends that are waaay into Cafe racers keep giving me ideas of ways to trick it out but I keep resisting. It’s fast enough, handles good enough (actually it handles a lot better with the suspension upgrades and other changes I have made), it’s beautiful and plenty comfortable. Why change it? Not everyone thinks like me. Read on.

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing. Take a perfectly good motorcycle and well…make it perfect. Start with a 1980 BMW R100s, take it apart down to the last nut and bolt then let your imagination, engineering skills and wallet go to town. Searching ebay this morning for a cool cafe racer, this BMW literally jumped off the screen at me. It is stunningly beautiful. The builders of this bike did literally everything you could / should do to make an R100s the perfect Cafe Racer. Everything has been lightened up; the frame, the motor, wheels…everything. The frame has been modified for better handling, the motor has been built up to make an already fast bike (by 1980 standards) faster. When you have speed and handling the next thing you need to be able to do is slow the bike down quickly, so new, lighter, better brakes are in order. BMW’s can be a bit anemic sounding in stock form and you certainly wouldn’t want to strangle all that new power with a stock exhaust, so new mufflers are in order. It looks to me that this BMW is equipped with either Conti mufflers or replicas, I can hear the song in my mind now, it’s beautiful.

When all the work is done, it’s time for the beauty treatment. Some people go very understated and simple, others go way over the top to the point of making you wonder what happened? This BMW is no shrinking Violet by any stretch of the imagination. It will stand out in a sea of motorcycles for all the right reasons. The paint job is done in a semi classic style with colors that just grab your eye. Click on the pics to see sooooo much more about this bike including a full list and pictures of all the mods done, it’s a very impressive list.

’80 BMW R100S Cafe


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