A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 Kawasaki H2 750

Evil, wicked, mean and nasty…that is how I described my own ’72 H2. No matter how mean that bike could be, I loved every mile on it. If you read this blog regularly you know that I traded in a very nice BSA Lightning 650 to get that Kawasaki. I sort of wish I still had that BSA but I really wish I had the Kawasaki back. I spent over 10 years and around 75,000 miles with my H2. I rode it to work everyday, I traveled all over the Western US on it, I raced it against cars occasionally to help pay the rent (some fools wanted a rolling start thinking they could beat me and my H2 that way…wrong!!!), I took my son to the Speedway races in Costa mesa, I even took him to school on it a few times…that gave him the ‘cool award’ each time.

I doted on that motorcycle. Before every Sunday ride was the Saturday afternoon bath, unless I was working then it was the 6AM Sunday morning bath. Paint was always waxed, chrome was always polished (including the spokes), tires silicone treated (sidewalls only…), nothing but the best for my baby. Over the years I modified the bike; a couple of different paint jobs, lower handlebars, a cafe fairing, a set of Denco expansion chambers (they were the hot ticket for Kawasaki’s back in those days), different carbs, some minor porting and head work, Lester mags, and probably a couple of things I don’t remember. In later years I put the stock carbs (jetted correctly for the engine changes) and pipes back on because the bike ran better overall. I did modify the stock pipes a bit though, I pulled the baffles out, cut about 6 inches off and put them back in. The bike wasn’t much louder than stock but the mod did give it a bit more power, which is always fun to have.

The Kawasaki 750 was really fast…in a straight line, but it wouldn’t go around a corner unless you nearly came to a stop first. By the way, in my opening description here, the ‘evil’ part referred to the handling of this particular motorcycle. Wobbly, unstable, twitchy, fear inducing, high ‘pucker’ factor, these all describe the H2’s handling. With the help of a local engineer/welder/bike builder/genius, we were able to get my H2 to handle so well I could take a ride on a twisty road at speed and not have to change my underwear half way through! I loved that motorcycle.

On ebay I found a really nice ’72 H2 in great condition and fairly low mileage. Original paint in good shape is hard to find and adds value to the bike. The owner has a set of pipes on it of unknown origin, (I wonder if he still has the stockers?), and Lectron carburetors. Lectron’s are a very unique fuel system and very popular with 2 stroke guys, particularly drag racers. Not too many Kawasaki owner’s used them compared to the Yamaha crowd. Lectron’s were a bit difficult to tune at first but once you got used to them it was pretty easy and effective. The owner states that the carbs are rare and hard to find…nope, Lectron is still in business and the carbs are available and for less than I thought they would be these days.

This is a really nice Kawasaki 750 and so far the price is surprisingly low, that will probably change in the last few hours of the auction however. If you have the desire for one of the most loved and feared motorcycles ever built, check out this Kawasaki H2. Click on the pictures for more. Oh, and if you want to know what I did to make this beast handle really well, send me an e-mail paul@themotoworld.com and for a small fee I’ll pass on my secrets. Oh, alright, I’ll tell you for free.

’72 Kawasaki H2 750


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