A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’64 Matchless / Norton G15

Matchless, a magic name in motorcycle heritage. The Matchless mystique started at the turn of the Twentieth Century when Collier & Son’s (the Matchless parent company) went into production. Legendary, beautiful, innovative, pure British and…fast, all describe the Matchless motorcycle. Matchless built its reputation on racing, most notably with the G series single cylinder bikes; the G50,80 and 85’s. Matchless won the first Isle of Mann TT in 1907 on a single.

In 1931 Matchless bought out competitor AJS motorcycles, then in 1938 formed AMC, Associated Motor Cycles, as an umbrella organization for Matchless and AJS. Later, AMC acquired Norton motorcycles as well.

In the 1950’s and 60’s Matchless singles were almost dominant in roadracing and off road as well. The G series single’s were a bit down on power compared to others but their lighter weight and excellent handling made the Matchless, well, matchless, on tight twisty courses.

Matchless also built twin cylinder motorcycles in the 500cc to 1000cc categories that never seemed to match the success of the singles. As sales were slowing, AMC started combining parts from its different motorcycle companies, the most successful being the Matchless/Norton marriage. And here is where we come to today’s ebay bike of the day. A 1964 Matchless / Norton G15CS.

The G15 is a nice marriage between Matchless and Norton though by some accounts, not a marriage made in heaven, nor hell either. I read a few reviews from magazines of the time and what I came away with was they were trying really hard to convince you that this lackluster (but beautiful) motorcycle was more than it was. With a little more research I found out why…I think. At that time, Norton was deep into development of the Commando model and innovation all went there. Nonetheless, the G15 in its various versions are wonderful pieces of British motorcycling history.

Today I found a really beautiful example of the G15CS. Low miles (around 10,000), recently serviced, new Avon tyres, and the tank you see in the pictures as well as the chrome version. The owner just rode the bike recently and has a glowing report. This is a beautiful, classic English motorbike. The ‘buy it now’ price seems reasonable for what you’re getting in my opinion, so…if you have a place in your garage for a piece of British motorcycling legend this Matchless may be just for you. Click on the pic’s for more. I don’t know about you, but I think the Matchless logo is far and away the best in motorcycling.

’64 Matchless / Norton G15


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