A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’65 Honda CA110 Sport

Here is another one of those ‘You meet the nicest people on a Honda’ motorbikes. These little bikes are a blast to ride, all you ever have to do is put gas in them once in a while (they get something like 200mpg!!), check the oil once a year and keep air in the tires. Don’t bother washing it or polishing the chrome, it’s just gonna get dirty again (especially if you hang it off the bumper of your motorhome or camper) and Japanese chrome from those years is well,…you’d get better results wrapping the wheel in tin foil. Just ride it around…teach your kids or girlfriend how to ride on it, park it in the middle of a bunch of Harley’s at the local watering hole and watch at everyone look at you like you’re a nut. Baby Honda’s are good fun no matter what you do with it.

50cc’s is fast enough to get to and from the store with hamburger fixin’s and a 12 pack of Schlitz, it’ll take you over to the Snooker’s RV for a hot game of strip poker by the campfire and it’s easy to ride back to your motorhome when you’ve finished all those Schlitz’s yourself…be safe now…no riding on public roads under the influence of ‘the beer that made Milwaukee famous’. These little Honda’s are reliable and seem to thrive on neglect. Today finding one in nice condition will set you back about twice as much as when it was new, so see, a baby Honda is a better investment than most stocks.

I found this little jewel on ebay today (as I was posting my own baby Honda for sale) and it’s a prime candidate for motorhome duty. It’s in good shape, needs a little going over, not much, but then after that you can keep it long enough to pass on to your grandkids. The price is reasonable but then the seller adds this…”the first reasonable offer will be accepted”. Might be worth a trip to Pennsylvania in your motorhome. Click on the pic’s for more pictures and info.

’65 Honda CA110 Sport


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