A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’65 Honda CA77 Dream

Why is this motorcycle called the ‘Dream’? Because Soichiro Honda called it a ‘Dream’ that it was made. Well, something like that. The CA77 305 probably put more American’s into mid size motorcycles than any other until the 350 hit these shores. The CA77 was the first of the production Honda’s to be capable of 100mph…give or take a couple of mph. Easy to ride, easy to maintain…what’s not to love about these little bikes.

During it’s ten year model run, there were variations on the Dream and believe it or not, got modified quite a bit. Stripped down and ridden out in the desert, customized in quasi chopper styles and set up for touring with windscreens and saddlebags. The Honda 305 Dream was quite a motorcycle for it’s time.

I found a pretty nice on today on ebay in good condition for it’s age., actually, really good condition. It’s got a few of the normal old bike woes…weepy carbs (an easy fix), starter clutch is iffy (when it gives out you can still kickstart it) and less corrosion than I normally see on unrestored bikes. It’s a nice bike and so far a very good value. Click on the pics for more pictures and to get a bit more info

’65 Honda CA77


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