A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’65 Triumph Custom

Now I could see myself on this Triumph…easily. I have never been much of a chopper fan, sure, I appreciate a well done long bike but the more modern ‘catalog’ choppers, no thanks. Over the past few of years, maybe longer if I had been paying more attention, classic bobber’s are showing up on the road again. Correct me if I’m wrong here, and I’m sure someone will, but bobbers predate choppers in history. A good bobber in the post war era was a motorcycle stripped of everything unnecessary, just a frame, motor and wheels…a throttle to go and if you were lucky, some marginal brakes. Primal riding at it’s best.

Some guys are taking newer more modern motorcycles and bobbing them (some look pretty good too), others are taking older bikes and giving them the bob treatment with a modern touch or two, and every now and then one shows up from the past and gets resurrected. The Triumph I found on ebay looks to me to be out of category two.

Take a 1965 Triumph motor hot rodded up just a bit, slide it into a hardtail frame, add a few custom pieces to it…nothing out of a catalog (except maybe one thing I’ll mention in a bit), give it a great looking paint job and you’ve got a clean bobbed Triumph that will look good no matter where you ride to. On hardtails you don’t ride very far though…but you look cool doing it! The bike has the right parts like the Joe Hunt magneto, the tiny headlight and cat’s eye tail light, the sprung seat, the peanut tank and just the right amount of chrome. The owner says it has ‘Sportster’ mufflers, looks to me like they are J.C Whitney models, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, we’ve all used them before, and the wrapped header pipes I would either hot coat or chrome them…that’s just my thought. This is a really clean bike, I like it alot. Click on the pics for a bunch more and a better description of the bike. I have a feeling this Triumph might get a bit pricey, but it will be one of those bikes that is worth it.

’65 Triumph Custom


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