A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’77 Kawasaki KZ400 ‘Econo Tourer’

…”This job sucks”…”The kids are making me crazy”… …”Summer vacation? a week at my mother in-laws is NOT a vacation”…”I gotta get outa here!”…You’re talking to yourself again. You my friend need an escape and you need it now.

While sitting in your cubicle pretending to work, you’re actually planning/daydreaming about that escape. Let’s see…fly to Italy, rent a Ducati, tour Tuscany, cross all the passes in the Italian Alps, eat and drink in heaven… Whoa,reality check!! A quick look at Priceline and instantly, Italy on a Ducati is out. Plan B, a week in Cabo San Lucas. Marlin fishing, scuba diving, a little surfing and evenings at Cabo Wabo…that idea will go over like a fart in church with the missus. What’s a poor guy with the travel bug to do? (This is where you insert the visual of a light bulb going on over the guy in the cubicle’s head…) Road trip!! Yeah, that’s the ticket, load your gear on your motorcycle and take off down the open road like ‘Then came Bronson’. You know, the wife might actually go for this one. You did score lot’s of points going to her mothers for a week, time to cash those points in. However, like all great plans, there is a fly in the ointment…you don’t have a motorcycle. You sold it when little Throckmorton was born, remember?
I, my brother, am your salvation. Come with me to the magic land of ebay.

After some sweet talking, the ‘keeper of the bank account’ (your wife) gave you permission to buy a motorcycle. The budget is pretty low, as in $1000 low. Where are you going to find a good traveling bike that won’t need new everything for $1000? I found it for you. A sweet little Kawasaki KZ400 all ready to ride to wherever your wanderlust and gas card will take you. I know what you’re thinking, “a KZ400?? That’s too little for traveling and besides, what if my friends see me?” Relax, it’s a great bike with plenty of power for some great solo traveling. And the only thing your friends are going to see is your tail light heading to New Mexico.

It’s a 1977 model already set up for touring. It’s got a nice fairing attached (looks like a Wixom which is a terrific handlebar mount set up), saddlebags, a rack and crash bars. The fairing and bags are color matched to the bike so everything looks really nice, the chrome appears to be in good shape, it’s only got 5800 miles on it…dude, with just a little going over this little bike is down the road. Here’s the best part, it fit’s in your budget…$950! It’s a great deal. Click on the pics for more about this nice little econo tourer.

’77 Kawasaki KZ400


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