A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 BMW Cafe Racer

When people build Cafe Racers one of three things happen. The bike is way over done, the bike is way under done or it’s done just right. This bike I found on ebay today is the Goldilocks version, it’s just right. Take the basic BMW chassis, slide a newer bigger motor in, do a couple of nice upgrades (check out the sweet upper triple clamp), add the requisite cafe styling and go ride it.

The owner of this BMW upgraded the ’72 with a ’78 R90/6 motor for a little more oomph, changed the old Bing CV carbs for some nice Mikuni’s, which really help the motor…look good too. Looking at the back end view, the exhaust looks wide open, which, is probably going to be a bit loud…you might want to think about getting some different mufflers ( even though these do look right) or learn to roll off the throttle near your neighbors or the closest police car. The custom tail section and seat work nicely on this BMW. And, check out the cool bar end blinkers, I like ’em.

This is a great way to have a clean Cafe Racer that looks like a comfy ride, it’s going to be reliable, (as in it hasn’t been over built), and it won’t break the bank to get it under your fanny. Nice bike. Click on the pics for a lot more pictures showing the details of this BMW. If I ever get tired of traveling on my R90s a nice Cafe treatment like this would be perfect.

’72 BMW Cafe Racer


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