A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’67 Honda S90

‘The fastest and sportiest of all the 90’s’ That is how the little Super 90 has been described. Packed with eight horsepower that could push you and the little Honda up to a cruising speed of sixty, that’s right…60MPH!! The 90cc SOHC motor powered a variety of Honda models including the legendary Trail 90 (seen hanging off the bumpers of more campers cruising the National Parks of this great country than any other motorbike I can think of), but it was the Super 90 that was, well…Super. Light, easy handling and a lot of fun to ride…for anybody. Well, maybe not the guy on the new Harley that he installed some loud pipes and ape hangers on, but, everybody else will have a big grin on their face.

The Super 90 can be left stock, or…have some fun with it. Can you see where I’m headed here? Of course you can. They make perfect small size Cafe Racers! I know many a canyon road where a rider on a nicely tricked out S90 will easily have a cup of coffee in hand at the meeting spot down the road before his (or her) friend on their newest latest greatest ride, even has a chance to get their helmet off.

Super 90’s are very popular among collectors and hobbyists alike. Some will find a beater then spend way too many hours and more money than their wife thinks they should to make this little piece of motorcycling history (she thinks a pile of junk, until you finish…) ready to ride, or…spend a few minutes cruising through ebay to find a really nice Super 90 that will require little or no work at all. And, probably end up costing less than doing a restoration job yourself. If you are of the latter, you are in luck my friend.

I found this morning on ebay, a very nice little Super 90. Not too many miles, really good condition and ready to ride. The owner has a done a clean of job of ‘not restoring’ the motorcycle. Replace parts that need to be replaced with genuine Honda (when possible), tidy things up by painting (not powdercoating), polishing (not chroming) metal bits, and in general, keeping the bike true to its roots. Nice.

When I first saw the bike, my initial reaction was that it was priced a bit optimistically. I still feel that way but, don’t think it’s too far off. If you’re looking for a really great little vintage Honda, this one could be worth the price of admission. Click on the pic below for more info. I love small size motorcycles and I really love the Super 90..I need one. “uh, honey, can I…..???

’67 Honda S90


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