A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’67 BMW R27

The BMW R27 is a really cool motorcycle. Yeah it’s good looking in a classic sense but it also, In typical BMW fashion, is way over built. It’s as much a 250cc two wheeled tank as it is an easy to ride, fun traveler. The R27 had the first rubber mounted single cylinder engine for BMW, which helped smooth out the ride. Another interesting feature of the motor is the layout. Most engines have their crankshafts running across the motor, the R27 runs the crank lengthwise which eliminates the need for some bevel gears and also keeps the motor more level with the driveshaft for again, smoother running. This little 250 was made for traveling. Cycle World magazine in 1964 claimed the R27 was ,” the smoothest of all the 250’s we have tried “

The chassis of the R27 is a welded tubular set up strong enough to do sidecar duty, and the brakes were very adequate for the bike and the times. The front suspension is handled by an Earles fork, a different approach to the ‘leading link’ style front ends. The benefit to the Earles fork was that under braking there was no front end dive so braking was smoother and the motorcycle stayed under control better. Over the years many manufacturers have tried just as many methods to control front end dive and none worked as good as the Earles fork. The down side to the Earles suspension was weight, this kiss of death. But it sure helped the bike ride great.

The R27 was made by BMW from 1960 through 1966, so why is this one a ’67? Because often times dealers dated the title the year the bike was sold, not when they were made. Though the R27 was a very good motorcycle, it was competing against the Honda’s and Yamaha’s of the day that were lighter, faster and less expensive. The BMW put out 18 HP while the Japanese counterparts were putting out 22-24 hp. The R27 sold for $850 when new, $200-300 more than the others. The American public went for lighter faster and truthfully, more modern styling. Today an R27 is a much more sought after and valued motorbike than the Honda’s and Yamaha’s of the time.

Today on ebay is a very nice 1967 R27. It has not been restored, it’s just in beautiful original condition. The clock shows 26,000 miles so a good going through in the not too distant future might a worthwhile investment and lucky for you, parts and services are still available rather readily. The motorbike is pictured with the solo seats (also known as the ‘swinging saddles’) but the also correct bench seat comes with the bike. The owner has taken a lot of good pictures and has given a very good description of the bike for you…not all that common. Click on the pics for more of everything about this really nice BMW.

’67 BMW R27


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