A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Yamaha G5

Here is a little motorbike with more potential than 80cc ‘s should have. Is it an around town grocery getter? Is it a really cool little cafe racer? Or, are you going to hang it on your motorhome bumper and ride it around the campground? Decisions, decisions…ah, why bother trying to decide between those three, it’s perfect for all of them. This is a really neat little motorbike.

It looks to me that the G5 is as much of a styling exercise for Yamaha as anything else. I mean look at the thing…stretched out gas tank, seat cowling in the back, the semi high pipe exhaust…pure cafe’. I wonder how the G5 sold in Europe? It’s got very Euro styling…I can see riding through London or Florence on a G5, can’t you?

The 80cc motor is your basic Yamaha oil injected 2 stroke, plenty of power for a small bike…you wouldn’t want to get on a Southern California freeway on it, but scootin’ through city traffic…you will be the stoplight bandit. Put some decent tires, (whatever is on sale at JC Whitney will be just fine…trust me), drain the original equipment fish oil out of the forks and pour in the right amount of ATF (don’t waste your $$ on good fork oil), adjust the brakes, and you are a small bike terror in the canyons. And when the family wants to take the ‘ol Winniewasto to the lake, hoist your baby Yamaha up onto the bumper and you have the stylinest campground cruiser at Lake Obewankanobee. Hey…it’s the perfect little motorcycle.

I found this little G5 on ebay this morning and I got to missing my old Honda Super Cub. I think the owner of this motorbike has it right. Check it out…stock ‘cafe styling but with a luggage rack?! Perfect. The bike has around 10,000 miles on it..no biggie if it has been maintained properly, looks super fun and shouldn’t break the bank or become a winter project that might leave you sleeping out in the garage…either you love the project or your S.O doesn’t. Click on the pic’s below for more pictures and a ‘little’ more information about the bike.

I have to admit here…if this little Yamaha was somewhere near the Southwestern U.S, I’d be on a road trip. “Honey?…I have to go…on, uh…a biz trip again (?)…I’m taking the truck…why? uh..because it’s more comfortable than the MX3..see you Tuesday”…

’71 Yamaha G5


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