A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’76 Vespa Primavera

In this day and age of streets jammed with too many cars, not enough parking and gas still pretty expensive, a little around town scooter is just the ticket. The little Vespa Primavera is a perfect city scoot. It’s small (even by scooter standards), super easy to ride, low maintenance, gets a gazillion miles per gallon and on top off all that…you’re gonna look cool too. You can park little scooters darn near anywhere, on the street sure, in the doorway to your apartment, heck…in your apartment, even if it’s on the second floor! The only reason you’d have for going to the gas station more than once every couple of months is to a cup of coffee or a Red Bull.

I found this little 1976 model on ebay today and it needs a little love…or not. There are two ways to look at this little Vespa, just make it roadworthy (doesn’t look it would too much for that) or go ahead and tear it down and restore it to its true Italian heritage. If you’re going to ride it to and from school and leave it outside all the time, just get some new tires, change the oil, put some gas in it and go. Well, you might want to wash it at least once? There is one thing that owners of this scooter have mentioned rather regularly, the brakes. Most comments I’ve heard or read is that Fred Flintstone has better brakes than a Primavera. So, when riding around on the zippy little 125, don’t put too much trust in the binders and be ready to use your feet.
Click on the pictures below to get a better look at what could be a great project or just a way to get around on the cheap and easy.

’76 Vespa Primavera


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