A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 BMW R60/5

This is a nice ride. And, it’s no average R60/5. If it was just your regular old, everyday R60 it would be a really great all around motorbike. Cruise all over town, throw it around on some nice twisty canyon roads or strap on some saddlebags and head off into the sunset. The 600cc motor has plenty of power for solo riding and does surprisingly well with two on board. The /5 series BMW’s are renowned for reliability, smooth riding good handling. A few slight modifications and the little 600 becomes a terror in the canyons. Ok, so the blue one here has a bit more than a few slight mods, but you get the idea.

I found this really sweet BMW R60 on ebay today and, for what I believe to be a very reasonable price considering all that has been done. The bike has been sitting up in a loft in downtown Los Angeles for the past couple of years since it was built. It’s not a simple re-build, it’s been built. The owner apparently wasn’t satisfied with the little puny 600’s power and couldn’t afford a 750 so he took the motor to the gym. After time with a personal trainer / mechanic, it came home a strong healthy 800 with a 5 speed transmission. Some fresh paint, new shoes and a few other goodies…and the bike just sits???!!! How in the world can someone build a bike then park it in a loft? Well, his work is going to look and ride great on a road near you. This is really one sweet ride. You need to get yourself one of those cool vintage style Davida helmets, some goggles, a proper leather jacket and cruise Sunset Boulevard up into the Hollywood Hills, park at some beautiful overlook and check out how beautiful L.A is at night…Ok, that’s just my idea of a great Saturday night on a classic bike. Click on the pics below for more info about this really nice Vintage BMW. It’s a good deal. And one more thing…you’re going to have to do the break-in miles, it is a fresh build. Oh too bad for you….

’72 BMW R60/5

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