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’71 Triumph T25 SS & T models

Double your pleasure, double your fun with Doublemint gum…or a pair of Triumph T25’s. Yep, two for just about the price of one. The Triumph T25 is really only a BSA B25 rebadged, but that’s ok. These little 250’s are really fun to ride. They’re relatively light, easy to start, handle good and for the most part, very reliable. And you can get two of ’em!

What’s the difference between the SS and T models? The SS is the ‘street scrambler’; road tyres, a hugger style front fender. The T model is the trail model (they call it the Trail Blazer); semi knobby tyres, high front fender and I think, final gearing is different as well. Both of the T20 models are open for lot’s of modifications. You can take one of these and make a very competent dirt bike out of it…it only weighs 320 lbs and that exhaust has got to weigh most of that?! Really, it wouldn’t take all that much to make this a very fun off roader. The SS model is so ripe for the cafe’ treatment…dump the exhaust, upgrade the suspension and do the regular cafe tweaks and you have one rockin’ little canyon carver.

In the first paragraph I said the T25’s are “for the most part, very reliable”, well…maybe I exaggerated a bit. The little 250’s are very happy revving motors and seem to work best at high (that’s a relative term here…) rpm’s, but along with those high revs come problems. The T25 and the BSA B25 have a tendency to have valve train issues along with lower end frailties. There are two things you can do to lessen these issues. #1, don’t rev it up real high…(duh) and, #2, fix the problems before they happen. There are a number of good websites that have good fixes and sources for parts…there are plenty of parts out there and not all that expensive.

I found this pair of T25’s on ebay this morning for a very reasonable price. You get both a Street Scrambler and a Trail Blazer..how much fun. Hey, I know…the his and hers models!? That way you can convince the wife to let you bring them home??? I’ve tried that one more than once and I can’t think of one time it actually worked, but…your mileage may vary. The Trail model is ready to ride today and the SS was ridden a year ago and needs just a bit to put it back on the road. While looking closely at the pictures, the SS has the better twin leading shoe front brake while the T model has the older single leading shoe front…the single is fine for casual off road use but the newer brake is MUCH better. Doesn’t diminish the value of this pair in the least. All in all if you like smaller bikes and want something a bit different, a T25 is a great choice. Click on the pics below for more info. These really are fun motorcycles…surprisingly so.

’71 Triumph T25 SS & T


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