A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’66 Suzuki X6 Hustler

The bike that put motorcycles three times it’s size to shame. The X6 Hustler was the original ‘giant killer’. The ‘Super 6’, as it was actually named, was only made for 2 years, yet, its effect on the motorcycling world of the 1960’s and even today, is much larger than 250cc’s.

The X6 was the first production motorcycle with a six speed transmission, ah… so that’s where the ‘6’ in the name came from?! The Hustler, a U.S market name, was also the first Suzuki to utilize a tubular steel frame versus a pressed steel frame, common to most all Japanese motorcycles of the time. The little X6 produced all of 29 horsepower, not what you would call neck-snapping but, compared to much larger bikes that produced not a whole lot more horsie’s, ( I have a 900cc motorcycle that pounds out only 57HP), and the fact that the X6 weighed less than 300 pounds…this little 2 stroke could get down the road rather quickly leaving many in its cloud of 2 stroke smoke.

So, here today is a really neat little T20 Suzuki (X6) on ebay that needs just a little bit of love, or maybe not, that will be really fun to ride. Just a bit shy of 20,000 miles on the clock ( if the bike has been lovingly maintained, not a big deal ), and completely original. There is so much you can do with an X6 Suzuki. Leave it just as it is and have a great time with a very cool old classic or…you know whats next…Cafe Racer!!! This little Suzook is a true classic and the price is well within reason. Click on the pics below for more about this classic screamer.

’66 Suzuki X6


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