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’69 Triumph TR6 Trophy

The best of the Triumph 650 twins. That’s just my opinion. The TR6 did everything that was expected of it and then some…it’s not every motorcycle that can jump a barbed wire fence you know. Yes, it was a Triumph TR6 that Steve McQueen (Bud Ekins) jumped the fence on in the Great Escape. The Trophy was also well loved here in Southern California for its off-road capabilities. Through the 50’s and 60’s, the TR6 was the king of the ‘Desert Sleds’. I tortured a Trophy in a few desert races, my step dad and his brother built a reputation for themselves, and not necessarily a good one…,racing a TR6 sidecar rig in the Mojave. They had much bigger ‘huevos’ than brains back then.

The Triumph TR6 Trophy was the movie star motorcycle. Steve McQueen rode one, Clint Eastwood, and of course…’The Fonz’. The TR6 had all the right looks…just like the aforementioned stars. When you ask most any motorcycle rider that has a few grey hairs on his head, what is the first bike that comes to mind when you say Triumph, the answer will 99% of the time come back, the Bonneville. But it was the Trophy that was the better seller and the true workhorse of the line. The TR6 gave the rider all the same great handling of a Bonneville and almost the same power, but, came in an easier to tune and maintain package. And, quite a bit less expensive, the Bonneville name alone was worth quite a few more dollars.

I came a cross a really nice ’69 TR6 today on ebay that has a mild cafe racer treatment and a couple of nice upgrades. I like the nickel plated frame, the Euro style handlebars,the high pipe exhaust and the disc brake up front…all very nice. This Trophy is a well taken care of Triumph that, even though has not been used as a daily rider could be. These are sweet handling, reliable and comfortable bikes. What more could you ask for. Well, a suspension tweak, a Boyer ignition….but that’s about all. Click on the pics below for more pictures and a bit more info.

’69 Triumph TR6 Trophy


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