A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1960 (?) Parilla

Being the ebay junkie that I am, I come across all kinds of cool vintage motorcycle stuff every day. From toys to garage signs, old helmets that should NEVER be on your head, a Fonzi replica leather jacket (especially interesting if it’s the one he wore water skiing..???) and yes, bikes that are on my Santa wish list every year.

Some days I find motorcycles that are ‘flyaway’ bikes, (motorcycles that you fly to wherever they are and ride them home), other days are bikes that need a lot of love that I don’t want to work on but I know someone who would. But, all too often I come across a bike that the owner thinks is worth more than the dry rotted tires holding the wheels off the pavement. Today is one of those days.

Now, before I piss off Parilla motorcycle enthusiasts, Italian motorcycle lovers or, anybody else that values and loves vintage motorcycles (besides the seller of this particular Parilla motorcycle), I want to make it perfectly clear that I think this little Parilla Olimpia would/could be a fun project bike…at about 1/10th the asking price….which is what it sold for when it was NEW!!

This bike I found today has no seat, controls, two different types of rotted out tires, more rust than my old ’63 Ford and missing more parts than you will be able to find just about anywhere and…this guy wants $3500 for it !!?? “McFly…is anybody home???” Ok, enough of me going on about people who think some old motorcycle they found in a barn is worth ten times what is cost when it had a seat on it.

The Parilla Olimpia is a very cool little 98cc motorcycle. The horizontal cylinder layout is great, both performance wise, in the looks department and was very unique for Parilla. The Italian manufacturer made both a 2 and 4 stroke version of the bike. The 2 stroke was faster (it was 125cc’s) and a little lighter, of course, but the four stroke was no slouch either. Come on, 8 horsepower in a little bike was big time??!! The Olimpia…wait, here’s a cool little story for you about this motorcycle. It was originally called the Impala when it came to the US, neat..except… for the fact that General Motors had a fairly popular car called the Impala at the time so Parilla had to come up with a new name for their little roadster.

The US was Parilla’s biggest market in the 1950’s and 60’s and the Olimpia was one of the reasons. Today, those motorbikes are not all that common on the used market and those that are, are either beautifully restored or…ridden hard and put away wet. Parts are very hard to come by and, when and if you do find them, be prepared to pay a premium. In some cases it will be well worth it, if you paid a sensible price for your Parilla. So, my question today, can this bike on ebay become something like this bike without breaking your wallet or your marriage??? At a starting price of $3500??? I’ll find a 350cc Parilla Clipper in much better shape.

If you are in the market for a a very unique Italian motorbike, that is going to need a lot of work but…may turn in to something quite valuable because it is very unique, click on the pictures below for another couple of pictures and not much info.

1960 (?) Parilla


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