A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Kawasaki A7 SS Avenger

Talk about potential…this Kawasaki has it in spades. First off, these bikes were screaming fast for a 350…or any size motorcycle for that matter,easy to work on and, don’t you just love those gattling gun mufflers?! You could set this bike up to be a great little commuter, an old school dual sport, or…I’m not going to say it. Yes I am…the perfect Cafe Racer. Light, fast and cheap, what could be better? Nothing.

So today on ebay is this Kawasaki Avenger SS (street scrambler) with low miles, been sitting forever so it’s going to need some work (nothing major probably?) and then you get to start playing with it. Honestly, change out the fork springs with some that are a little stronger, replace the rear shocks, new swingarm bushings, some good sticky tires…nah, just get some cheapo Cheng Shins, they’re plenty good enough for a little speedster like this A7…replace the chain and clean the bike up…you’re good to go. Click on the pics below for more info and pictures. This really is one great small size bike that will put nothing but big smiles on your face.

’71 Kawasaki A7


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