A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’67 Bultaco Metralla

Super fun and super fast. I raced Bultaco’s for years…in the dirt, but I always wanted a Metralla. The Metralla is the Bultaco street rocket. The Metralla is a fantastic little bike. The Bultaco wasn’t as fast as the Suzuki T20 (X6 Hustler here in the states) but could leave the Suzook in a cloud of blue two stroke smoke on any twisty road any time.

The Metralla is light, quick and a very simple motorcycle. One cylinder, one carburetor, enclosed chain drive and a ton of fun to ride. I was lucky enough to have friends at my local Bultaco dealer that let me spend a few days with a Metralla. It was the owners bike (he was on vacation) and I was threatened with every horror you can imagine if I did any damage to the little rocket. Despite all the threats, I prodded the kick starter and disappeared with a wave and a promise that I would return in a few days. I was in love with the bike before I got home, which was only a couple of miles away.

Five days later I delivered the Metralla back to Steve’s Bultaco, washed, waxed and no worse for wear.I did disconnect the speedo while playing with the bike and Steve will never notice the tires are shot??? I had so much fun on that motorcycle. I really believe that my time on that Metralla is what inspired my love of small bore street motorcycles.

I found a really trick Bultaco roadracer on ebay this morning based on a Metralla. I say based on because Metralla’s are 250cc’s and this bike is a 360? The 360 came in the El Bandido and the Frontera, not the Metralla. So, did the owner shoe-in a 360? Cool. The bike is a great vintage roadracer (and could actually hold its own against many modern lightweight bikes) and with some work, could be brought back to the street and would be a canyon rocket with a giggle factor beyond darn near anything you could ride. The motor was tuned by Kevin Murray, former WSMC 125cc Gran Prix champion, having spent many race weekends on the track with Kevin, he is a great tuner and knows how to make any two stroke fly. So, if you’re looking for a very fast and unique vintage roadrace bike…click on the pics below. You won’t be disappointed.

’67 Bultaco Metralla


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