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’72 Triumph T100R Custom

Something happened here. I saw an ad for a Triumph T100R, the Daytona model, which I have owned one of. The ad and the picture showed a nicely done bobber bike but…where’s the Daytona? This Triumph T100R has gone from a dual carburetor motor, drum brake and normally suspended motorcycle to a single carb, disc braked and plunger style frame custom. It looks good.

The builder did a nice job with this bike. Personally, I would have stuck with the drum brake for the look, but the disc is better for riding. I wonder what kind of frame this is, it looks good and I think the plunger rear end is very good looking…but not all that comfortable for riding. I really only have one problem with the bike, the mufflers. Those big ‘ol silencers look like they came straight off a T140. They’re a little too big for this build, but that’s just my opinion. All in all though, a pretty clean bike, and going for a very fair price.

Click on the pics below for a bit more info and more pictures.

’72 Triumph T100R Custom


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