A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’49 Indian Arrow

The Indian Motorcycle holds a place in the heart of American motorcycle riders that’s hard to describe. There are books written about Indians, museums dedicated to Indian motorcycles and a great movie, The Worlds Fastest Indian. The Indian Motorcycle Company of yore closed up shop in 1953, actually a few years before when the company was sold but that’s another story.

After World War Two the new owners discontinued the Scout, Indians most popular model, and shortly thereafter the Chief. Indian was concentrating on smaller lightweight bikes that were popular with returning GI’s. The problems with the new lightweights, like the Arrow and the Brave, were poor quality and a general lack of development yet, they still remained fairly popular. The Arrow is a simple little, 218cc single that got along rather smartly for it’s size. But…when riders thought of Indian motorcycles, they thought of the bigger 750’s not a little single. The Indian Motorcycle Company didn’t last much longer for a variety of reasons but old motorcyclists still hold Indians and all the models, even the little ones, close to their heart.

I found a very nice 1949 Arrow on ebay this morning that might look good under your favorite vintage motorcycle riders Christmas tree this year. This little Indian just needs a bit of work and a couple of parts to be a rider and then more work if you want a full restoration. Is it worth a full restoration? Maybe, it only has 159 miles on it?! and it is rather unique. Personally, I’d just get it running and let it chuff me around town or on a short Sunday ride once in a while. Click on the pics below for more info and pictures. The more I think about it, I’d probably paint it Indian red, get new stickers for it and then ride it around.

’49 Indian Arrow


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