A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Kiddie ride

You got kids? Grand kids? A neighborhood full of kids? I found the way to increase your retirement fund. Yeah, I know the stock market is getting better and gold prices are through the roof but you’re still trying to recover what you lost when your 401K tanked a couple of years ago. They say that you just have to take everything one step at a time…there must be a twelve step program for financial recovery? Well, I found a way to financial recovery one quarter at a time…this coin operated motorcycle ride.

I couldn’t help myself, this is way too cool I had to put it up today. Yeah little kids love riding around in circles on a pony outside the supermarket or maybe in a little car but you know they would rather be on a motorcycle!! Even little girls, well…it might be tie with the pony. I’m betting on the motorcycle. This riding toy is a fully functional ride that YOU can make money with. Convince your local market to let you put it by the door or just stick in your front yard and keep all those quarters for yourself…retirement, here I come. Click on the pics below for more info. This actually is pretty cool, you could rent it out for kids parties (way better than a jolly jumper thing) and pocket some serious cash.

Kiddie ride


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