A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’66 BSA Lightning 650 Cafe Racer

In reality, a proper Cafe Racer is British. They created the genre’ and still do it better than most of us. Classic singles like the 441 Victor, the Norton International, Matchless G50’s. And of course the Bonneville, Commando and Lightning. I have even seen Cafe Racer Scooters!!

I found a very nice ’66 BSA A65 Lightning on ebay this morning sporting a somewhat conservative Cafe’ style but nonetheless, holding true to the spirit. I spent a couple of years on an A65 and I loved it, but as those of you who do read this regularly know that I traded it for ultimate speed (at the time…a Kawasaki H2. I don’t regret the trade, I just wish I still had both of those motorcycles.

I had modified my BSA in the Cafe style; clubman bars, bobbed rear fender, beefed up engine and some suspension work. It was a great bike. Since that time I have built Cafe Racers out of Honda 350’s, Ducati 900’s and that Kawasaki H2 many years ago. Like my friend Erik says…”I love Cafe Racers”

This one here is a nice bike, it has been rebuilt with some smart upgrades like a Boyer electronic ignition and better carburetors…and if you have ever spent time with British motorcycles of this era, you know that better electrics and fuel delivery make all the difference in the world. This A65 is one of those bikes that fall into the category of ‘ride it, don’t hide it’. I have sat on display for years but really…ride it, you’ll have a great time. However, this isn’t going to go cheap and, at the same time, I think it will probably sell for a fair price considering what it is and the work done. I like it. Click on the pics below for more info and more pictures. And…check out the sweet exhaust on this sled..very cool, I’ll bet it sounds wonderful.

’66 BSA Lightning 650 Cafe Racer

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