A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’62 / ’73 Norton Cafe’

Norton’s are unique among British motorcycles, actually all British bikes are unique but there is something special about Norton’s. That big long stroke motor that shakes the front end of the bike while standing still, the beautifully shaped reverse cone mufflers, gorgeous body work,…whats not to love about Norton motorcycles.

I found a very nice Norton Cafe racer on ebay this morning, more of a hybrid really. Take a classic Featherbed frame from the sixties, slide in a slightly breathed on 850 Commando motor, upgrade the brakes and then give it some style. It doesn’t take much to ‘give’ a Norton style, Norton is style. But, the owner of this particular motorcycle had upped the style factor nicely without going over the top. The details on this bike are nice, besides the breathed on 850 motor, he married it to a Triumph tranny with right side shifting (proper British of course), added a Triumph front wheel and disc brakes, hung a BMW ‘S’ fairing with clock and voltmeter on the front and finally some nice looking custom bodywork. Nice bike. Click on the pics below for more about this really nice Norton.

’62 / ’73 Norton Cafe’


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