A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’70 Triumph Trident

When I think of Triumph Tridents and BSA Rocket 3’s I have wonderful memories and recall past dreams. I look back at trips with my friend Ted Toki and his purple Trident, that little Hawaiian could make his Triumph really fly; my step uncle’s Rocket 3 with the ‘Ray Gun’ mufflers, and a guy named John ( I can’t remember his last name ) that had a really ratty Trident that always seemed to run on only two cylinders. John would just ‘happened to be out riding, saw I was home and wondered if I could help (?) him find the problem’…I finally did one day and I never saw him again.

Triumph/BSA are actually credited with creating the first ‘modern era’ Superbike with the three cylinder bike. The bad part for them was that it took so long to get the bike to market that by time it showed up, it was already outdated…enter the Honda CB750. Triumph/BSA did their best to upgrade the bike over the first few years, styling and performance wise, but it was too little, too late.

A last ditch attempt, well maybe not ‘last ditch’, was to hire a designer/enthusiast to create a Trident that would truly stand out. Craig Vetter and the X75 Hurricane. This is the motorcycle that is at the very top of my Christmas list.

So…considering the X75 Hurricane is probably out of Santa’s budget this year maybe just a regular Trident will do. I found a nice one on ebay today. It’s a semi Cafe Racer…clubman bars, different pipes (very good looking reverse cone style), thats about all in the cafe mode, but it’s a good start.The ad says only 451 miles??? I think not and the owner can’t confirm the figure. The bike shows a bit more age than that but, it is in very good shape regardless of mileage. It could use a bit of TLC and the reward will be well worth the effort. Tridents are great motorcycles, just change the oil religiously, use premium gas, keep a close watch on the electrics and you’ll have a motorcycle that you can enjoy for many years. Besides all that, a Triumph triple has a beautiful sound.

Something that is interesting to me is, that when Triumph was reborn in 1991, it was the Trident triple that brought them back to life. Click on the pics below for a very clean Trident at what I think will sell for a very reasonable price.

’70 Triumph Trident


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