A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’75 Hodaka Road Toad

Every one of us looks for happiness each day of our lives, it’s genetically wired into us. What makes us happy is what makes us different. For some it’s a loud, low slung chopper…others, it’s a screaming superbike or, maybe an adventure tourer. And then there is my friend Barry Jones, for him Hodaka equals happiness…he has a very large barn full of them. To each his own.

Now, I have to admit, I also have an affinity for Hodaka’s. I don’t have one but I want one…actually, I need one. The company story is interesting, the racing history is even better. You won’t find Hodaka listed anywhere on the world championship rosters but, I can’t begin to tell you how many Dirt Squirt’s, Wombats, Combat Wombats, and Ace 90’s I saw in the Southern California desert’s in the early ’70’s. Easy to ride, cheap…what’s not to love.

At one point Pabatco, aka Hodaka, decided that entering into the small size street bike market would be good for them. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in…the ‘Road Toad’. 100cc’s of all out………??? A simple bike with a great fun name. Perfect for going to and from school, and hopefully impressing that girl in your English class enough to get a date with her…you couldn’t ride it on the freeways, but around town…good fun.

I found a ’75 Road Toad on ebay today that would look good riding around any town. It’s a former Idaho Forrest Service vehicle with only 1314 miles on it. I might be being a bit optimistic here but, being a government vehicle it was probably well taken care of (?) and not overly abused (?). All in all it looks to be in generally good condition. This little motorcycle is 100cc’s of nothing but fun. I have a story I have to tell one day about a nice woman on a Hodaka helping me pull cactus spikes out of my rear end and then riding off down the trail. Click on the pics for more info about this really cool motorbike.

’75 Hodaka Road Toad


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