A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’79 / 80 Yamaha IT425

I spent many years riding in the Mojave desert and I would say that 99% of the memories are great…the remaining 1% would be the memory of breaking my back trying to jump a small ravine and then having the doctor tell me to stay off motorcycles. As you can tell, I took that advice to heart.

Last weekend I took on the support role for a team of riders from the dealership I work for. I had a great time fixing carbueration issues, filling gas tanks, fixing flats and being the team chauffeur, but I wanted to be riding. While waiting for riders and wandering through the checkpoint area’s, I was wondering what I would want to ride in this event next year. I have posted before that I have a Honda SL350 like the one I used to ride in the desert that I could set up again and ride the vintage class, but as I think about it there are some better choices out there that would cost less to get ready and probably be more fun / capable to ride. Like maybe a Yamaha IT?

I remember when these bikes came out. Honda had the Xl’s, Kawasaki had the KDX models and Yamaha, the IT…all of them good all around enduro machines. Street legal off roaders that would take you anywhere you wanted to go. The favorite among the smaller sizes was the KDX 200 from Kawasaki, light, easy handling and fun to ride. What more could you want?? Horsepower and torque.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Yamaha IT425. Based on the YZ400 motocrosser (a true brute), the IT425 had mountains of torque, for a two stroke, plenty of horsepower to send you flying down any fire road and a suspension system that was, well…good enough for the times. The IT was a great bike in its time and a terrific bike in any vintage class event today. The 425 was made for only one year, 1980. Why? Because enduro bikes were losing favor among the buying public…big street bikes were ruling the showroom floors.

So, while pondering getting back into off-road riding I found this really nice Yamaha IT425 on ebay. It’s been well cared for and ridden very little, I can’t believe it only has 500 miles on it?! It seems to me that a very easy going over and through, would have this bike ready for day to day use or any off-road adventure. Yeah, I know, it’s not a new KTM or BMW adventure bike with all the latest good stuff, but for most of us…a great ride. Click on the pic below for more pictures and contact info. This is going to be a really good bike for someone..I only wish it was closer to me. Oh, and the reason why I put 79 / 80 for the year of this bike…Yamaha only sold them as 1980 models (it was a one year bike) even if they were made in 1979.

’79/80 Yamaha IT425


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