A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’69 Ducati Monza 160

I have friend who is an avid collector of Italian singles…motorcycles, not women. In his barn are some of the most unique, beautiful and rare Italian motorbikes.Some are museum pieces, some are riders, some are in the restoration process and a few are still just as he found them sitting out in a field somewhere. His favorite is the Ducati Diana followed by the Monza Junior. The Junior is the 160cc version of the BIG Monza, 250cc.

At the time, the Ducati 250’s were dominant in racing, even the super fast little Yamaha 250 couldn’t keep up with the baby Duc’s. The bevel drive single put out more power and torque and had the superb handling Ducati was known for. The styling of the Monza was very simple yet, very Italian. The gas tank isn’t as nicely shaped as the Diana, it seemed to be the direction Ducati was heading…some sharper lines, a little more blunt rather than the smooth flowing lines we were used to.

I found a ‘nice?’ little Monza Junior on ebay this morning that with some love could be a sweet little ride. It does run and according to the owner it runs very well, there is even a You Tube video of it running. The paint is shot, it’s pretty rusty but not fatally so. Exhaust looks pretty good, it’s going to need the air cleaner and probably a few other parts that you can at Bevel Heaven www.bevelheaven.com The bike does come with a nice little rack for the back and the sidestand. The price looks like it will sell for a reasonable price and make a nice winter project.

A bike like this will make a very fun little rider. There is an event here in California each year patterned after a famous race held in Italy Moto Giro d’Italia for a number of years. The Italian race was created for bikes built prior to 1957 under 175cc, the California version is the same but they also can make some exceptions for more modern bikes of ‘like design’. So, this little Monza qualify’s size wise but maybe not in age. It would be a perfect candidate for you to take a classic ride. There are two Moto Giro events here in California the first is the Moto Giro America (www.motogiroamerica.com) based around the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca, the second is the Giro d’ California held in the fall (girodcalifornia.com), both events hold true to the Italian tradition which makes them very special events. Buy this little Ducati, put some love into it and then join a bunch of other crazies that love small Italian motorcycles and tour California.

For more info about the bike and more pictures, click on the pics below.

’69 Ducati Monza 160


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