A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Pair of Triumph’s

Triumph motorcycles have a cool factor that none others have. Take the movie ‘The Wild One’, everyone looks at that movie and thinks of all the bad guys riding Harley Davidson’s… and, at the time Harley did have the ‘bad boy’ image going full speed. The Brit’s however, had more of a ‘poof’ image going for them. Well, Marlon Brando didn’t ride a Harley, he rode a Triumph into Hollister California.

Next, you add the coolest of the cool, Steve McQueen. He rode Triumphs everywhere. Desert racing, on the street and in one of the greatest movies of all time…’The Great Escape’…( I have always wondered why Steve was riding a Triumph and all the German’s were riding BMW’s??? OK, before I get blasted here, I know it was Bud Ekins that did the jump over and into the fence not Steve…). Triumph’s really are cool. You don’t see BSA’s in the movies do you?

I found a great deal (maybe) on ebay this morning for a pair of Triumphs. For very reasonable money you can add two running, nice Triumph’s to your collection, a ’68 Bonneville and a ’69 Trophy. Both appear to be in really good shape, mostly stock, and both have had some service and upgrades done. The Trophy has a sidestand issue, appears the the frame tab is gone or damaged but that is an easy fix. The Bonnie has only 8900 miles, while the Trophy has 18,000 miles on the clock. Hey, I’ve told you before that Trophy’s are the better riders. The seller says that both are currently on the road so that is a good sign. But I wonder…this is a really good deal for two bikes..is there something that the seller is not saying? There are only a few pictures and not much info but you can contact the owner and ask some good questions. If all things check out, this could be your Christmas present to yourself. Click on the pic’s below for a bit more info and the contact. Looks pretty good to me.

Oh, I forgot…the ultimate in cool factor for Triumph…Fonzi jumping over the shark in the TV show Happy Days…just kidding, Triumph got more screen time on Happy Days than anywhere else. I wonder if that helped, or hurt, sales?

Pair of Triumphs


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