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Vintage Cast Iron M/C Toy

“It’s a holly jolly Christmas, It’s a happy time of year….”, so sang Burl Ives. For we motorcyclists, that means hoping that all the letters we sent to Santa, hint’s we’ve dropped to our significant others and various family members will result in a Christmas morning to remember.

I can see it now, waking up on Christmas morning heading into the kitchen to make coffee, doing my best not to look over at the Christmas tree, but…the temptation is too great. I sneak a quick peek and I see a pair of tires, a box that looks like it could be a new pair of gloves (honey, if you’re reading this, I really do need a new pair of gloves…hint,hint,hint…), and another wrapped box that just might be those heated grips I’ve wanted.

Wake up, Wake up…dream is over. Christmas morning is a house full of great grandparent’s down to grandkids. There are no tires under the tree, no heated grips…maybe some gloves though (hint,hint,hint…again). Get the coffee pot going, wait for everyone else to get up, make sure that everything is as it is supposed to be. Stockings that were hung by the chimney with care are full, presents are all under the tree and a bottle is made for the little one when he gets up.

As the morning goes and we all get to our Christmas stockings, there are a few surprises. I usually get a lump of coal in mine but every once in a while Santa leaves me a toy. A few years back I found a nice old vintage wind up tin motorcycle in my stocking and that started my small collection of toys. that will be eventually passed along to the Grandson.

So, Instead of looking for full size bikes today, I started perusing ebay for cool little vintage motorcycle toys. I found a quite a few but this one I liked best. It’s just a simple little cast iron crash car, it would be a great addition to anybody’s collection of motorcycle toys. If I don’t find gloves in my stocking this year, I’d probably be pretty happy with one of these. Click on the pics below and get yourself or someone you know a cool little Christmas present.

Vintage cast iron M/C Toy


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