A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’74 Indian MX74 Mini Crosser

I was never much into mini moto-cross (pesky little kids) until last years World Superbike race in Utah. Team Motoworld was there to interview WSBK racers, take a lot of pictures and, have a really good time. We saw old friends, made some new ones, got great interviews and expanded our moto-journalism horizons. We got into mini motocross.

One of the great things about going to Miller Motorsports Park in Utah is the luxury accommodations located right next door to the track, the Deseret Peak Park. Not only are the accommodations top notch, so is the entertainment. After a fairly busy day at the track we decided to check out the local moto-cross action. A short 100 yard walk put us right at trackside. It was family night. Mom’s, dad’s, the kids…everyone was there. We had an absolute blast watching the little kids racing. Some of these mini racers were so small and young that parents had to hold them up at the starting line then give them a little push to get them started. Made me wish I could have started my kids at that age…I do have a grandson now, so maybe….

While running through ebay this morning I found a neat little vintage MXer, a 1974 Indian 75cc MX74. It may not be up to current standards and your junior racer would get smoked at the local track today but you know what, this is a neat little bike. Put junior on it and go trail riding, teach him or, her, some good riding skills or better yet…have one of the coolest pit bikes at your local track. Another good thought, a great little bike to hang on the bumper of the motorhome?

This little Indian is in really great shape, mostly restored and parts are available all over the place. These little bikes are so easy to maintain and they’re hard to kill…that’s why there are so many around still to this day. There is a lot of good information, forums, resources and more on the net about these bikes. You don’t have to go through all the Indian history (unless you want to), but you will find that this was a very interesting time in the Indian Motorcycle Company legacy. If you’re looking for a neat little vintage dirt bike for young Throckmorton…get ’em started drinking the vintage kool aid early is what I say, check out this little Indian MX74, money well spent. Click on the pics below for more info and more pictures.

’74 Indian MX74


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