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’56 Gilera 150 Sport

A few years ago I learned about the Moto Giro in Italy, this is a ride that is right up my alley. But…I don’t have a motorcycle that qualifies. To ride the Moto Giro in the full spirit of the event you need to be piloting a motorcycle that is less than 175cc’s and be built before 1958…hmmm, hard to find on my budget.

The Moto Giro was a classic road race. Started in 1914 as a test of man and machine over five days and the mountain roads of Italy. The riders became heroes and the machines sold…’win on Sunday…sell on Monday’ the axiom was so true back then. The Rally/Race survived both World Wars but, after some serious accidents in 1957, the organization and the Italian government pulled the race. I could go on and on here but, I’m going to write a whole story about the Giro, the Moto Giro America and the Giro California over at the regular Motoworld blog, ‘Helmet Time’ because…I now have a motorcycle that qualifies in one of the classes! Yeah, it’s going to take a lot of time and $$$ to be ready for this years ride but I can do it.

Today, cruising through ebay I found a very cool little Gilera that would be perfect for anyone wanting to ride a classic small displacement motorbike. It’s a 1956 Gilera 150 Sport. The bike has been sitting for a while, has 12,000 miles on the clock, it does run and runs pretty well according to the owner. The little 150cc motor puts out a staggering 8HP so don’t twist the throttle too hard or you’re going to find yourself flying into a corner a lot faster that you wanted…. It’s an old bike and it looks it’s age, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think classic Italian, looking great for it’s age, Sophia Loren…is this little Gilera that good looking? No, but we’re getting there. It looks to be a good value and would be a great bike for anybody’s collection but more fun riding it to your favorite motorcycle hangout where it would surely draw a good group of admirers. Click on the pics below for more info and maybe your entry form into the Moto Giro.

’56 Gilera 150 Sport


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